LOGOEITThe NGO Coalition for “Increasing Transparency in Extractive Industries” expresses its concern regarding continuous pressures and restrictions over its activities starting from this year. Thus, the Coalition was forced to leave the office located in the “Life Center” since the beginning of February, 2014 where it has been operating for more than 3 years and its multiple letters sent to various hotels and business centers for conduction its 10th year anniversary have received rejection due to adopted unofficial restrictions in this direction. Currently, the Coalition is unable to organize its seminars and trainings given these bans. Furthermore, the bank accounts of majority NGOs active in the Coalition were either blocked or seized. Even the financial operator organization of the Coalition has encountered the same problem. Thus, the activities of organizations that are unable to realize any financial transactions were suspended in more than 15 days. The Coalition Council has submitted letters to the President of Azerbaijan Republic, the Council on State Support to NGOs under the auspices of the President of Azerbaijan Republic by expressing its concern, resolving problems, and convening an extraordinary session of EITI Multi-stakeholder Group in Azerbaijan. It is alarming that the number of member organizations in the Coalition subjected to sanctions by various reasons is increasing day by day, and the bank account of organizations and even the personal  bank accounts of these NGOs leaders were seized by court decisions adopted without participation of opponent sides. Therefore, the Coalition states that the civil society will not be able to equal participation   in EITI process in Azerbaijan if the current situation will carry on and the relevant agencies fail to resolve the problem.

Baku city                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    July 11, 2014