Cyber Liability Insurance

Are You Covered if You are Sued for a Data Breach?

What if You Accidently Sent Client Information to the Wrong Person?

Cyber Liability Insurance is a must if you keep your client data on your computer, your cell phone, or your office files. Even if you use a third-party company, such as a warehouse, a mover, or data storage provider, you can be held responsible for data breaches caused by them. A cyber liability policy safeguards you and your practice.

A data breach or security incident occurs when confidential client data, such as patient records or personal financial data, is taken, copied, transmitted, viewed, stolen, or used by any individual unauthorized to handle the information. If you are sued for a data breach, you may be subject to state and federal fines and penalties up to $250,000. And, your clients can also sue you for damages of $25,000plus, you even risk jail time of 10 years!

A cyber liability policy protects you from the many costs associated with a major data breach. Our policy covers the major cyber liability perils including:

  • Legal Defense Cost
  • State and Federal Fines and Penalties
  • Damages
  • Computer Security Breach Expert Audit
  • Client/Patient Notification Costs
  • ID Theft Protection Subscriptions for Victims/Clients

Don’t Risk Facing a Lawsuit on Your Own if Your Client Data is Compromised! Get the Cyber Liability Protection You Need to Protect You and Your Practice

This policy is available to all social workers and professionals – NASW members and non-members. Affordable rates begin at $59 per year for NASW members and $109 for non-members – and the best part is that you’re guaranteed acceptance and have the opportunity to tailor your coverage to best meet your needs.

Plus, policyholders can add an Optional First Party Breach Endorsement – additional coverage for client data breaches caused directly by you or your office staff. The additional premium for this optional coverage starts at $20 per year for NASW members. It covers your office workers of these classes: secretary, receptionist, and administrative clerical worker.

The Optional First Party Breach Endorsement is highly recommended if you would like additional coverage support for any current HIPAA coverage held on an NASW RRG professionals liability insurance policy. This endorsement is critical without existing NASW-Endorsed Professional Liability Insurance Coverage.

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