EITI Annual meeting“Civil Society is the leading power of the process and we believe that, NGOs will keep its role in the process in the future”. On December 13, 2013, General Assembly of the Coalition on Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) was held.  71 member organisations and more than 30 quests took part at the event held at Kempinski Hotel Badamdar. The Ambassador of USA, Richard Morningstar, Country Manager of the World Bank, Larisa Leshchenko, the coordinator of Publish What You Pay (PWYP) on Eurasia – Oliana Valaigura, head of Secretariat on EITI, and representatives of Multi Stake Group (MSG) from companies were among the participants.

Zohrab Ismayil the coordinator of the Coalition for the last one year made an opening speech.  He greeted the guests and wished good luck for activates of General Assembly.

The ambassador of USA – Richard Morningstar noted that his country gives strong priority to the transparency initiative in Azerbaijan.  He also stated that, USA is planning to be a competent member of the initiative. “We hope that, we will become an active member of the process, and we continue our activities on that direction”

Moreover, the ambassador spoke about the role of the Civil Society. He noted that NGOs have an important role in strengthening andEİTİ Annual Meeting expansion of surrounding of the initiative.“Civil Society is the leading power of the process and we believe that, NGOs will keep its role in the process in the future.”

Speaking about the importance of the passage of EITI to the new Standards, Mr. Morningstar reminded the first years of the membership of Azerbaijan to the transparency initiative: “after joining the initiative Azerbaijan became a leading country, and we hope that Azerbaijan will provide the passage of EITI to The New Standards. The society must be aware of huge expenses of the state”

The Country Manager of the World Bank, Larisa Leshchenko highly estimated the participation of the Coalition in the process.  She noted that the NGO coalition has an important role for settling down EITI in Azerbaijan.  The partners of EITI worked and revealed new standards. We believe that, the NGO coalition will participate closely on the application of the New Standards. Azerbaijan has passed to the new stage of EITI. We wish that Azerbaijan will be a leader in a new phase as well. The World Bank is ready to support the parties on that process.

The coordinator of PWYP on Eurasia, Oliana Valigura, stated that, they are interested in the accelerating of the passage process of EITI to the new standards. She noted that, the NGO coalition can play an important role for this. “We wish that, the coalition will get support both form locale society and from international society. The voice of the Civil Society is always heard and has a strong support on the international level”

The member of the Board of the Global EITI Gubad Ibadoglu, presented the Position Paper on the development of the EITI in Azerbaijan. The Position Paper covered the history of EITI development, importance of the process, and existed problems. G.Ibadoglu, also stated that reports given by companies did not reflect any important issues: “SOCAR does not give sufficient information for following its activities. There are problems with transparency.”

Sabit Bagirov gave information about works done within the MSG regarding the passage to the New Standards.  At the same time, he spoke about meeting of the group, discussed issues, and adopted decisions.

Afterward, the chairmanship was elected, Counting Commission was prepared for organising election of the Council and the Monitoring Group, and the final list of candidates was approved. Later, reports of the Council and Monitoring Group were presented. During the Lunch break, participants gave their voices, by dropping election bulletins.

In the event Sabit Bagirov, Azer Mehdiyev, Gubad Ibadoglu, Elçin Abdullayev made informational speeches about the condition of Civil Society and strategic goals of the Coalition.

At the end of the General Assembly, the Counting Commission with 5 members announced the results of the election. In general 70 bulletins were counted and 3 of them were considered invalid. Thereby, the people listed below will be represented at the elected bodies of the Coalition.


1. Gubad Ibadoglu

2. Rafig Tamrazov

3. Sevil Allahverdiyeva

4. Malahat Murşudlu

5. Azer Mehtiyev

6. Mehriban Vazir

7. Taley Aliyev

8. Aliməmməd Nuriyev

9. Anar Orucov

10. Khalid Kazımov

11. Zohrab Ismayıl

12. İlqar Huseynli

Monitoring Group.

1. Mammadhasan Hasanov

2. Azer Rasulov

3. Sevil Yuzbashova

4. Sadagət Pashayeva

5. Latafat Malikova