eiti-logoSince the inception of the NGO Coalition for Increasing Transparency in Extractive Industries it has strived purposefully and consistently for transparency and accountability of the extractive industries in the country. The governmental agencies have tried to weaken financial-technical resources of the Coalition through using administrative methods and hurdles as well as imposed pressures over the NGOs represented within the Coalition by applying different methods. It should be emphasized that their pressures are continuing on nowadays, too. As a result of these pressures, some members have left the Coalition, and some have left the country seeking shelter in foreign countries. Additionally, several members of the Coalition are forced to life imprisonment on groundless basis. Thus, three members of the Coalition – Fuad Gahramanli, Asif Yusifli and Mehman Huseynov were falsely charged with several articles of Criminal Code of Azerbaijan Republic. These individuals were sentenced by courts to long term prison based on trumped up charges and currently, they are staying behind bars. Another member of the Coalition, Aziz Orujov is sent to 4 month pre-trial detention.

Despite the fact that governmental agencies are refusing to admit that these four individuals were imprisoned purely for their involvement in extractive industries, however, both international and Azerbaijan communities are persistence in their approach that members of the Coalition were apprehended either directly or indirectly for their positions in civil societies.

These four persons have been active members of the Coalition as well as demonstrated proactive positions related to transparency and accountability in extractive industries in the activities of the Coalition. The Supreme body of the Coalition, General Assembly calls governmental agencies to consider the will of multiple civil society members and immediately release each of the members of the civil society that were  arrested based on illegal and trumped up charges. Along with this, the governmental agencies should enable these persons to restore their activities.


10 June 2017