TUY-2he Coalition of  Public Unions for  “Increasing Transparency in Extractive Industries of Azerbaijan”  held   XIX meeting of its General Assembly on Jne 10, 2017. The Assembly was attended by 71 out of 108 early registered members. According to the Statue of the Coalition, the meeting of General Assembly should be considered legitimate when 3/1 of its members are present. More than half of the members had partaken in this time. The meeting of the Assembly was observed by PWYP, SECO, including representatives of the UK, US, EU, France, Norway and Switzerland. It should be noted that “Turan” Information Agency has provided information support for this event and made live coverage of it. The XIX General Assembly has adopted following decisions:

  1. The report of the Coalition Council considered as satisfactory
  2. The activities of the Monitoring Group regarded as non-satisfactory
  3. In line with article 5.10 of the Statue, it was decided to mobilize the Coalition Council in full composition and an authority on this was granted to the Council
  4. In accordance to article 5.3.3 of the Statue, the activity of the Monitoring Group has been terminated on its early stage and elections were conducted again.
  5. The statement demanding the release of arrested members of the Coalition was adopted ( See Appendix)
  6. On behalf of XIX General Assembly an address was made to the Government Commission (See Appendix)